ostdoctoral research supervision

Researcher Topic Status Dates Funding institution
Start End
Mafalda Rangel Recreational boat angling and spear fishing in southern continental Portugal: a scientific basis for sustainable, integrated management Postdoctoral Apr, 2017 Dec, 2022 FCT (Portugal)
Pablo Pita Socioeconomic assessment of recreational fisheries in Spain and Northern Portugal Postdoctoral Apr, 2015 May, 2018 Xunta de Galicia (Spain)
Luis Otero Bioeconomic modelling complex marine social-ecological systems in Galicia (NW Spain) Postdoctoral Apr, 2017 May, 2018 Xunta de Galicia (Spain)
Priscila Lopes Feeding the sharks or feeding the people? Trade-offs between small-scale fisheries and shark-watching tourism evaluated under an integrated ecosystem service approach Postdoctoral Apr, 2016 Apr, 2017 LACEEP Program
Kakoli Barnerjee Modeling marine ecosystem services of mangroves in Western India Postdoctoral May, 2016 Jun, 2016 PEIN Program-Sain/India
Panda Prasad Heterogeneous distribution of seafood consumption in India Postdoctoral Mar, 2016 May, 2016 PEIN Program-Sain/India
Adriana Carvalho Marine ecosystem services and poverty reduction in the Brazilian Amazon Postdoctoral Apr, 2015 Dec, 2015 Cambridge University